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  • Nice video, thanks for sharing. Glad you boat was not to badly damaged. I attached a video of so lazy sailing from across the pond ;0)

  • The fact that my Flicka had very minor, cosmetic damage, is a testament to the construction of the Flicka.

  • I also used Land & Sea. Expensive as hell though! The marina is just ok now. They are not doing any major improvements or repairs and have little regard for their paying tenants! Electricity is still not restored on some slips and they discontinued security patrols on the West row. Greedy Bastards!

  • A Flicka, what a bummer…

  • Actually, It looks like boats fared better in Galveston than they did in the Clear Lake area. Plenty of empty slips and they are free for a while. Otherwise, there is a very long wait.

  • I am glad you weathered the storm. We were thinking of moving over that way with our boat. Looks like it might be a good idea to wait a while..


  • beautiful boat, glad to see there was so little damage.

  • Thanks for commenting. Be glad you missed the action here. Actually, there are very many empty slips now that most of the boats are trashed. So, come on back.