Random leg bay race starts Yachting Cup

The very first race is in the books for the Yachting Cup, San Diego Yacht Club’s grand spring meet. The 3-day meet will go on through 3rd May, Sunday, and racing would take place on 3 different courses. The winds were very strong for First National Bullion Bay Race, with average speeds of around twelve kts and puffs up to sixteen kts.

According to the Scotland chartering yachts website, the bay has generally smooth water, with the chop was important at around 1 to 1.5 feet. For Friday’s boat race, the path was all set as a random leg bay race. With just 1 racing place, fleets went after different various course lengths as per the assignment of the fleet. Courses ranged between 7.5 – 9.5 nm.

Yacht Cup

Lani Spund, a local SDYC sailor, told that it was a steady winds were a nice change of pace. He added that this was way more wind than what they have been used to here in San Diego, but it was also way more fun. The boat loved getting her feet wet, so to speak.

The Kokopelli 2 was a Race 1 fleet leader, with Dennis Pennell of Blue Blazes as well as Victor Wild’s Bud. For the larger boats, the race course actually asked for more precision.

Lani added to the