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  • your ok u just need a little work but overall ur ok, And to everyone else god dont just insult give her some advice on how to be better other than that ur all asswholes

  • Yeah Lion City people are sooo polite… Too bad your population is shrinking every year

  • capitalsluts you fuckin idiot coon

  • you malaysians sucks big time , nothing like us from the Lion City. your English sucks ,its not even funny. youre so ugly , Singapore girls are the best looking asians, shitty malaysians

  • do you not know what parody means

  • u suck. srry
    okay ending tho

  • I used to work in sales at x store, it’s stressing how much people ask for a discount, I wish everyone in this world could understand this: The tagged price is the FINAL PRICE.

  • lol that was Sweet parody, I think i might make a parody as well.

  • I like the parody because it’s very funny, But I’d prefered the genuine version 😉 lol, your video are always so great!!!
    And nice acapella song!!!

  • What !? lol 70% off is alot ! What a fussy customer indeed !! Or is 30% off ??? 😉

    I like that song too ! Another called “Waiting” is pretty good, too! That one’s on iTunes, not on youtube I think.

    Good Parody. lol.

  • Haha thanks. I tried to look like a salesgirl, I failed.. sorry XD

  • uh, greatgreatgreat! hihi.

    you look good with the make up like this.