Winner of the 2013 Student Yachting World Cup

The Student Yachting World Cup is the annual sailing event hosted by the engineering school of France- Ecole Polytechnique in Pornic for students belonging to the different countries of Europe.

The 33rd edition of this sailing competition was held from 14th of October to 19th of October, 2013. This year the best sailing teams from Germany, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Belgium, Great Britain, Australia etc participated in the event. But ultimately the 2013 Student Yachting World Cup was won by Team France.

France became the final champion of the SYWC 2013, followed by Team Switzerland which came second and Team USA which came third. Team England stood in the fourth position and Team Australia stood in the fifth position at the general ranking.

Due to the tide, only 1 race took place at the last day of the event. The race started early in the morning on 19th October 2013, so that the sailing teams could avoid the tide. Majority of the teams started off well. But the boats were sailing at a very slow speed because of the low speed of the wind. The first lap of the race was won by England. The second lap of the race was won by Switzerland, followed by England who came second. Eventually the last race was won by Switzerland who secured the second place in the overall ranking. Team France finished sixth at the last race of the event.

The US Naval Academy was representing Team USA. On the other hand, Team France was being represented by the Kedge Business School. France also won the AGPM trophy along with the Student Yachting World Cup. Team Switzerland represented by the EPFL won the trophy of the City of Pornic because they won the last race and stood in the second position at the overall standing.