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Hampshire Sailing Ready For China

In the Extreme Sailing Series second round a number of elite sailors from Hampshire will participate and will have head to head competition in pursuit of glory. The event will kick off in Qingdao in China.

It is expected that Pete Greenhalgh will take revenge from SAP Extreme Sailing Team of Lymington sailor Richard Mason for defeating his team Oman Air’s in the last-minute. The match between both the team can be seen in the season’s opening regatta, when racing will start.

At the same time the Land Rover BAR Academy crew, which is a Hampshire-based will try to climb the Leaderboard of the event after having a slow start in the season. The team finished eighth and total nine teams participated in the curtain-raiser match of the event that happened last month in Muscat, Oman.

Phil Robertson the skipper of Oman said one of the crew members of team Greenhalgh has good experience of conditions in Fushan Bay. This will prove as the secret weapon for the success of the team in the event. (more…)

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Murray Wins 2016 Irish Sailor Of The Year Award

Annalise Murphy did her country proud when she won the silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Ireland has now honored her for the achievement by giving her the 2016 Irish Sailor of the Year Award. Murphy received the award at a stunning event held at the RDS Concert Hall in Dublin on 27 January 2017. The prize was presented to her by the President of the Irish Sailing Association (ISA) David Lovegrove.

The event was held with great pomp and saw the largest turnout of 300 fellow sailors in the Irish sailing history. Murphy was saluted by these 300 odd sailors for her tremendous achievement that she mustered at the 2016 Rio Olympics. This is the best achievement that Ireland has got into the Olympics in the sailing event since James Wilkinson and David Wilkinson got the in the Flying Dutchman silver way back in 1980 at the Moscow Olympics. (more…)

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Weekend Feats Of Vendee Globe Sailors

Vendee Globe continues as the solo world race that is nonstop from the time it commenced last year on November 6th. Till now 82 days have passed and last weekend saw most of the participants rounding of the Cape Horn area. This was a grueling phase as the participants covered areas like Argentina, Buenos Aires and similar coastline ports, some being close to each other with a distance of three miles between them.

Romain and Didac Costa were two participants who were close to each other and could communicate over VHF. Romain admitted that it was annoying to be chasing someone for three weeks and not getting a chance to go ahead. However, it does feel good for the participants to come in sight of each other. This southern tip navigation brought several boats in sight of each other. reported that Sao Paulo in Brazil brought sailors in the 11th and 12th positions close to each other. Many feel that the close positions help to push up the competitive spirit. Also as major part of the sailing is over and the transatlantic area remains to be covered, many feel their spirits lifting. They are hoping to finish the race by 14th February. (more…)

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British Team Inspires Sailors

The British sailing Team has returned home victorious after a wonderful performance at the recently concluded 2016 Rio Olympics. They were given a grand reception on 27th of August 2016 by the Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta. The British sailing team is the number one when it comes to top world’s sailing team.

The event, organized in Dartmouth was well attended by the popular sailor of the British team that included Nick Dempsey, Giles Scott and Hannah Mills. A total of 12 sailors attended this gala homecoming event. They were there to celebrate their huge success with the general public and also to drive more and more people in the younger generation to take up sailing.

There were hundreds of visitors who arrived at the Volvo stand in Coronation Park to show their support for the successful team, with each chipping in for a first prize of a week’s Split Yacht Charter. They even took photos with the athletes. The British sailing team members were in attendance to lure the youngsters to take up sailing as a sport. They even introduced many to how to handle a dinghy on a sailing simulator at the Park. (more…)

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The J/24 World Championship

The J/24 World Championship was won by the German team that comprised of Daniel Frost and his team members.

The championship was held in Wakayama in Japan, where the German team emerged victorious. The first race was won by this tea after which they closed every other day in a leading position. As the eight race series ended things turned out to be interesting.

There were several recalls and the last meeting was within minutes before the time limit went up. The breeze was blowing at eight knots. The previous 12 point advantage that JJOne had gone down to six and they finished in the tenth position in the final contest. Silver and bronze was won by two Japanese teams. Frost stated that the final day had been a tricky one where they had a lead with 12 points, but the first race was bad and the last race had been tricky as well. However, they got lucky as they were in front of the competitors and were able to sail safe. There were 41 teams which contested the championship such as Singapore, Korea, Peru, Great Britain, Japan, Germany and others.

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Singapore Sailing Team Rio

With all the different country teams coming into focus for Rio 2016 it should come as no surprise that Singapore team is ready as well for this epic tournament. The coach for the country team is Fernando Alegre.

He has been following the progress of the youth segment of the Olympic Games and he feels that the country’s team that has transitioned into the senior Olympian team will surely hold high hopes for the country. (more…)

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Stephanie Roble and Don Wilson No 1 U.S. Match Racers

Don Wilson from Chicago, IL, remains the No 1 position in the United States rankings with a win at Chicago Match Cup qualifier as well as a 4th position at Chicago Match Cup, a stop on United States Grand Slam Series.

David Storrs from Southport, CT, is No 2 on the strength of his victories at the Better Chip Match 2015 regatta at the Oakcliff Sailing as well as the Chicago Match Cup. Chris Poole from Portland, Maine, and his Riptide Racing Team is No 3 on the power of his 2nd spot finish at Chicago Match Cup Qualifier as well as 4th spot at Oakcliff International, also a stop on the United States Grand Slam Series. Steve Lowery from Chicago, IL, is in 4th position as well as Russ Silvestri from San Francisco, CA, is on the 5th position.
Stephanie Roble  from East Troy, WI, and her Epic Racing team went on as the No 1 United States women match racers, and stay No 3 in the world, with a grand 2nd spot finish at Lysekil Women’s Match, a stop on WIM Series, as well as a Bronze Medal at ISAF Women’s World Match Racing Championship 2015. Nicole Breault from San Francisco, CA, is in 2nd spot with wins at ISAF Nations Cup 2015 and the United States Women’s Match Racing Championship. Danielle Gallo from Oakcliff Sailing moves into 3rd position, followed by Katie Maxim of San Francisco, CA, and Madeline Gill of Westport, CT.

Open Rankings
1. Donald Wilson
2. David Storrs
3. Christopher Poole
4. Steven Lowery
5. Russ Silvestri

Women’s Rankings
1. Stephanie Roble
2. Nicole Breault
3. Danielle Gallo
4. Katie Maxim
5. Madeline Gill

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City of Los Angeles sells its yacht

City of Los Angeles has sold their yacht Angelena II (73-foot) for US$ 100000 after investing US$4.1 million in the vessel, suggested new reports. The City had employed the boat for tours of Port of Los Angeles. As a lot of the tours had slight to do with official port business, the city’s ownership had been criticized.

Angelena II

It was in the year 2012 when the yacht’s news first came to light. Then former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gave a description of the vessel. While speaking to a TV channel, he said that it was not a yacht. He described as a yacht. (more…)

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Antigua Classics Yacht Meet

Magnificent conditions welcome hundreds and hundreds of avid sailors participating on the 1st day of Antigua Classics Yacht Regatta, which is publicly funded by Charter Yachts Scotland. The fleet of forty six classics was a magnificent view, gathered outside Falmouth Harbour in Antigua to race The Old Road course.

The fight in Spirit of Tradition Class was just magnificent. Following 2-and-a-half hours of racing, under 2 minutes separated 3 top yachts.

The champ was J Class Rainbow JH2, re-made by Dykstra Naval Architects, as per to 1937 Starling Burgess design. German Frers, which is 140 ft ketch Rebecca, took these honors, but after time rectification, was placed 2nd by only thirty two seconds. The 74′ Joel White planned ketch, Dragonera was 3rd in Spirit of Tradition Class. (more…)

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