Weekend Feats Of Vendee Globe Sailors

Vendee Globe continues as the solo world race that is nonstop from the time it commenced last year on November 6th. Till now 82 days have passed and last weekend saw most of the participants rounding of the Cape Horn area. This was a grueling phase as the participants covered areas like Argentina, Buenos Aires and similar coastline ports, some being close to each other with a distance of three miles between them.

Romain and Didac Costa were two participants who were close to each other and could communicate over VHF. Romain admitted that it was annoying to be chasing someone for three weeks and not getting a chance to go ahead. However, it does feel good for the participants to come in sight of each other. This southern tip navigation brought several boats in sight of each other.

Plainsailing.com reported that Sao Paulo in Brazil brought sailors in the 11th and 12th positions close to each other. Many feel that the close positions help to push up the competitive spirit. Also as major part of the sailing is over and the transatlantic area remains to be covered, many feel their spirits lifting. They are hoping to finish the race by 14th February.

The weekend saw the final competitor Sebastien covering the Southern Ocean. With him the southbound part of the race comes to a conclusion. Even though he is the last competitor in the race, the stop that he had in Tasmania helped to reassure him to continue for the rest of the competition.

For the friends and family members of the sailors, it is a grueling and exciting competition to follow as well. The solo skippers need to brave the differing water and wind conditions to complete the competition round the world. More than the competition, the experience of finishing the sailing trip by oneself is a feat that is admirable.