Guide To The Yachting Festival Of Cannes

Considered to be the most stunning extravaganza so much so that it gives stiff competition to the Cannes film festival, spread across 35 miles running through Cote d’Azure. It is bigger and accessible. The land of the fabled festival of films is suppressed by the number of boats during the yachting festival.

Next week opens the 37th edition of yachting at Cannes. There will be as many as 580 boats. Half of it is labeled as world premiere editions. In the port of Vieux they will be parked. At the end of La Croisette, Port Pierre Canto is also filled with boats. The most stunning boat is the Shipman which is believed to be unsinkable. It has the latest technology of hybrid variety. It produces negligible emissions. The sound of the generator also does not disturb you in any way.

The biggest ship is labeled as Silent 76. The boat’s interior has marble, onyx and quality leather. Such kind of decoration is found on boats which are of high performance. It is so spacious that it can store a Jet Ski and tender water jet. So a combination of tenders, yachts and boats are found in the garage and in the ports. Luca Brenta has designed Logica Yacht which is inspired by the designs of London based designer for its interior.

Ocean Paradise is the spectacular of all. Last year it was the shining star of the show of Monaco Yacht festival. Adrian Lee of Singapore is the owner of the yacht who also owns contemporary hotels. His design is aesthetic as far as yacht is concerned. The fabric is breathtakingly beautiful. The customized look is a delight. The event will be amazing show and nobody wants to miss this particular event for any reason whatsoever.