Singapore Sailing Team Rio

With all the different country teams coming into focus for Rio 2016 it should come as no surprise that Singapore team is ready as well for this epic tournament. The coach for the country team is Fernando Alegre.

He has been following the progress of the youth segment of the Olympic Games and he feels that the country’s team that has transitioned into the senior Olympian team will surely hold high hopes for the country.

If your interview Fernando he will tell you that the top sailors battle the most formidable opponent which is time. Of course, the team has had time to prepare for the Games for four years as other teams have had. The athletes have trained to master the course as well as the unique venue at Rio. The focus has been working on the physical as well as psychological aspects of the sailors who prepared for the Games to represent the country.

As sailing is a unique sport like all others, the coach feels that visiting Rio this month before the Games begin was necessary in order to prepare for the final leg of the journey. The preparations, with included a spell as a team in a link-up with Trogir Yacht Charter, need to be spread out across the time span of four years. You need to know the wind shifts, the currents as well as the venue. There are unique challenges due to the weather as well as variations that exist that are unique to a location.

Herein lies the challenges of sailing that are dependent on the weather conditions, water conditions, currents and other geographical factors that lie outside the athlete’s physical parameters. It is complex and hence, preparations need to be different for such a sport unlike the other sports that are part of the Olympic Games. It remains to be seen how well the different country team fare this time.