The J/24 World Championship

The J/24 World Championship was won by the German team that comprised of Daniel Frost and his team members.

The championship was held in Wakayama in Japan, where the German team emerged victorious. The first race was won by this tea after which they closed every other day in a leading position. As the eight race series ended things turned out to be interesting.

There were several recalls and the last meeting was within minutes before the time limit went up. The breeze was blowing at eight knots. The previous 12 point advantage that JJOne had gone down to six and they finished in the tenth position in the final contest. Silver and bronze was won by two Japanese teams. Frost stated that the final day had been a tricky one where they had a lead with 12 points, but the first race was bad and the last race had been tricky as well. However, they got lucky as they were in front of the competitors and were able to sail safe. There were 41 teams which contested the championship such as Singapore, Korea, Peru, Great Britain, Japan, Germany and others.