Team NZ might have shift of roles

New Zealand Team is keen on having Dean Barker as their skipper but the leading sailor seems apprehensive of the decision. If Barker turns down the offer, there might be a major shift of roles in the squad resulting in passing of the skipper’s baton to young Peter Burling.

“If Barker isn’t driving our boat in the year 2017- Dean would be very well involved regarding the decision- Burling would have to get it from Barker”, stated Grant Dalton, the ETNZ boss. He was speaking about probable succession of Dean as NZ Team skipper as the squad is looking forward to restructure of roles prior to America’s Cup 2017.

23-year-old Peter Burling is a latest entry into the ETNZ & so his Olympic sailor fellow Blair Tuke. Both the young guns were announced as new members to the squad this week only.

The partial shift  in the team has been thought out with the view to develop the squad in varied novel routes, even as the members are waiting for consent from Team USA Oracle, and Yacht Charter companies, on new ground regulations for 35th edition of America’s Cup.

In regards to the planned shift of roles in the ETNZ squad, Dalton would be stepping into director’s role that would though have him with the reins of an overall leader yet would relieve from regular team affairs. Shoebridge, the current CEO of ETNZ would be concentrating more on the operations. Barker would be elevated to the position of skipper and he might also have to play the role of sailing director.

The 24-year-old Tuke and Burling have been introduced to ETNZ with the view to utilize them in the coming years, especially for 2017 America’s Cup.

“I would still be at the helm here”, commented Dalton. “But as there are plenty of great brains in our organization you would prefer to make decisions on their basis of their well-measured input.”