First solar powered yacht race

The first solar powered yacht Grand Prix is all set to take place in Monaco this year. The Formula 1 Grand Prix is held here every year, and is one of the most seen sports events in the world. The narrow streets of Monaco are cleared away for the race, and some of the fastest cars in the world manoeuvre these narrow lanes and hairpin bends, while millions around the world look on. And while this event is under way, some of the most stunning and largest yachts dock here at Port Hercule. And together with the Dutch design firm Vripack, Solar1Races and the Monaco Yacht Club, a solar powered yacht race has been organised, which will take place later this year, in the month of July. This event will be clubbed with the F1 Grand Prix event, and is sure to get many yachting aficionados interested.

Solar powered yacht racing was first introduced in Holland around eight years ago, and since then, it has caught on quite a bit. But back then, there were two divisions, where one was the hobby-level class, and another the professional division, which was extremely expensive to get into. But the organisers wanted a yacht that will not only be efficient, but will also be less expensive, so that those who are interested can easily take part without too much of a pocket pinch. So, the team have developed the V20 series of yachts, which are made for speeding, but are not insanely expensive at all. And these boats rely mostly on the racer, and not on their builders, so it is a more team oriented design, so to speak. Drivers will need to have the proper techniques if they want to win at this race with the new yachts.