British Team Inspires Sailors

The British sailing Team has returned home victorious after a wonderful performance at the recently concluded 2016 Rio Olympics. They were given a grand reception on 27th of August 2016 by the Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta. The British sailing team is the number one when it comes to top world’s sailing team.

The event, organized in Dartmouth was well attended by the popular sailor of the British team that included Nick Dempsey, Giles Scott and Hannah Mills. A total of 12 sailors attended this gala homecoming event. They were there to celebrate their huge success with the general public and also to drive more and more people in the younger generation to take up sailing.

There were hundreds of visitors who arrived at the Volvo stand in Coronation Park to show their support for the successful team, with each chipping in for a first prize of a week’s Split Yacht Charter. They even took photos with the athletes. The British sailing team members were in attendance to lure the youngsters to take up sailing as a sport. They even introduced many to how to handle a dinghy on a sailing simulator at the Park.

Gold medalist Giles Simon thanked all the people who showed up for the Volvo homecoming event at Dartmouth and was happy to see so much support for the athletes and sailing in general. He was happy to share his experience with the public and that too in an event that has lots of maritime history.

There was a Q & A session that took place in the afternoon where junior and local sailors of the Dartmouth Yacht Club. This was hosted by Volvo ambassador and Olympic gold medalist Shirley Robertson OBE. After this Q & A session, there was a main stage appearance of the British sailors of the Royal Avenue Gardens for the locals and the enthusiastic sailors who had gathered to celebrate the success of the athletes.